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Hello my friends!

Since 1992 I have been an entrepreneur. I had more businesses, together with my famility, from different fields: medical, industrial, FMGC.

In the last years I dedicated my energy to some very dynamic and provocative domains: personal development and IT.


Because my passion is to interact with people.

To learn new things and to share true stories.

To help people to develop themselves.

To transmit thoughts...experiences...emotions...

To inspire and to develop modern instruments which can help people to evolve and to refine.

For these reasons I am now involved in some projects which complement reciprocally:

• Cristian Nicolae Inspiration: training, coaching and public speaking company. I am Founding Partner of John Maxwell Romania Team and certified trainer John Maxwell USA (number 1 in global leadership for six years running - Leadership Gurus 30), certified coach by The Academy of Executive Coaching UK, I have a certification in rhetoric and oratory branded by Casa Paleologu and I am Trainer authorized by the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Labour in Romania (with entrepreneurship course certificated by National Qualifications Authority);

Amazing University: partner with Dr. Dragos, speaker and internationally renowned scientist and NASA consultant for a leadership program.

SoftExpert Mobility: IT company, developer of the app Dreams Agenda;

Digital Education: marketing company for the Audio Libraria and Audio Biblioteca applications;

Volunteering and social involvement are two aspects that fulfill me; for this reason, I am mentor and trainer within three outstanding entrepreneurship projects: Mentoria by Romanian Business Leaders, Upgrader Academy and „My first business plan” – a complex and innovative program of entrepreneurial education for students, developed by the Ministry of Economics and Commerce, together with the Academy of Economic Sciences of Bucharest.

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A. Motivational
Participants will learn to:
  • Focus on integrity
  • Work hard: success tastes better in the end
  • Check progress in order to stay focused
  • Identify purposes: thus they will develop their skills
  • See failure as a lesson to be learned
  • Overcome obstacles with preparation and training
  • Truly fulfil their potential: passion -> performance -> happiness!

B. Leadership
Participants will learn to:
  • Enhance their influence
  • Develop constantly
  • What to do for people to trust them more
  • Develop a high quality team
  • Connect with those around them
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Prioritize activities
  • Give up when required
  • Form another leaders
MasterMind Group “Inspiration”
MasterMind Group “Inspiration”

There is a special level of energy, dedication and enthusiasm that participants bring to a MasterMind group.
The facilitated groups provide a combination of education, brainstorming, masterminding, responsibility and support, in an environment aiming at developing the participants' personal and professional skills.
Bringing new ideas and a different perspective, MasterMind groups can help you go to the next level of personal success.

Main benefits:
  • initiate the appearance of fresh ideas to existing issues
  • increase experience and trust
  • develop personal and professional skills
  • immediate access to a mutual support group
  • obtaining feedback and open advice
  • achieving real progress in personal and professional life
  • feeling of belonging to a common cause
The group includes five participants + facilitator.
One meeting a week is organised, of one hour and a half.
Duration: six meetings
A. One hour speech
Creating a memorable speech, of a high impact, defended by the general manager or by myself on the company's behalf, within conferences or symposia.

B.Three-hour workshop
Organising and holding a workshop for partners, on a given topic.

C. Master of Ceremony
Coordinating a conference organised by the company.

D. Sponsored summit
Coordinating the Company' Day, a high impact project for employees, customers, partners, etc.

Coaching "Inspiration"
Coaching helps you to discover the potential, to find out where you are and how to get where you intend.
In business and in personal life.
I'm using American methodology developed by John Maxwell, and the English methodology developed by Academy of Executive Coaching, both adapted to the Romanian spirit.
For a personalized offer send me a message at
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A. Workshops, symposia and conferences:
  • “Smart” project by Accounting and Computer Science Student Association, ASE Bucharest, November
  • Leadership la puterea 3, the conference from Iasi, broadcast live on the Internet, together with two collegues from John Maxwell Romania, November
  • The conference of entrepreneurship and innovation in the universities SEC2U (STARTUP EUROPE COMES TO THE UNIVERSITIES), Polytechnic University of Bucharest, october
  • "My first business plan": a complex and innovative programme of educational entrepreneurship for students, developed by The Ministery of Economy and Commerce, together with The Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest, at University Spiru Haret Bucharest, october
  • "ReACT" by Scoala de Valori & Exceptionalii, Craiova, May
  • Mentor in the programme SMARTER Academy by GEYC (Group of the European Youth for Change), March – April
  • "ELITE Business Women", Ramnicu-Valcea, April
  • "Vreau sa fiu antreprenor" by Romanian Business Leaders, at the "Tudor Vianu" National College, Bucharest, April
  • Zig Zag prin Romania
  • Mentor in the programme Upgrader, February – March
  • The Entrepreneurship Academy in Craiova, January
  • Meet the Factory at Connect Hub, Bucharest, December
  • Entrepreneurial workshops & Innovation Days by Junior Achievement Romania, Craiova, November
  • Communication Director of the International Congress "The Lights of the World", Bucharest, October
  • BookLand conference, Craiova, October
  • "Vreau sa fiu antreprenor", I want to be an entrepreneur], Romanian Business Leaders in partnership with the University of Craiova, October
  • National Conference Programme "", Craiova, September
  • "Ateliere de seara" by Romanian Business Leaders, September
  • "O Viata Noua In Sapte Zile" [A New Life in Seven Days]: Pitesti, May
  • Workshop Romania HUB, "Decebal" Theoretical College", Bucharest, May
  • "O Viata Noua In Sapte Zile" [A New Life in Seven Days]: Craiova, May
  • Union of the Students of the Academy of Economic Studies, Youth Entrepreneurship School (YES) Programme, Bucharest, May
  • "Atelier de seara pentru antreprenori" [Evening workshop for entrepreneurs]: Romanian Business Leaders, Bucharest, April
  • "Antreprenoriatul ca stare de spirit" [Entrepreneurship as a state of mind], Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Craiova, March
  • "Business Brainstorm" by Dignitas Foundation, Bucharest, March
  • "She Business Charity & Excellence Awards", by Tycoon Communication, Bucharest, March
  • Workshop Romania HUB, "Grigore Moisil" Theoretical College", Bucharest, February
  • "Antreprenoriat" [Entrepreneurship]: webinar for the League of Romanian Students Abroad, February
  • "Business Cocktail" by JADE Romania, Bucharest, January
  • Workshop Romania HUB, "Elie Radu" Theoretical College", Bucharest, January
  • Workshop Romania HUB, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Business Management, Politehnica University of Bucharest, November
  • National Council of Romanian Youth, Bucharest, November
  • Local Training Seminar AIESEC, Caciulata, November
  • Workshop Romania HUB, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Craiova, November
  • Seminar of entrepreneurship & leadership, Banking Scientific Circle, Craiova, November
  • Romanian Business Leaders “Vreau sa fiu antreprenor” [I want to be an entrepreneur], Tudor Vianu National College, Bucharest, November
  • “Management, Leadership and Innovation towards a Better Changing World”, international conference, Romanian-American University, Bucharest, November
  • Workshop Romania HUB, University of Agriculture, Bucharest, November
  • Workshop Romania HUB, Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), Bucharest, November
  • Workshop Romania HUB, Nicolae Titulescu University, Bucharest, October
  • “Meet the Leader” Entrepreneurship workshop by The Alpha Group / Noble Manhattan Coaching UK, Bucharest, October
  • Workshop Romania HUB, Tudor Vianu National College, Bucharest, October
  • Romanian Business Leaders “Vreau sa fiu antreprenor” [I want to be an entrepreneur], Ramnicu Valcea, October
  • Asociatia Nationala a Antreprenorilor (ANAA - National Association of Entrepreneurs), Bucharest, September
  • MixPanda motivational seminar, Craiova, September
  • JCI Young Entrepreneurs, Bucharest, September
  • Coaching Competence Center & Noble Manhattan UK, Timisoara, July
  • Business Days, Cluj, July
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Craiova, June
  • 11event Experience, Craiova, May
  • Business Days, Timisoara, April
  • Leadership & motivation conference with Irina Kulmann / John Maxwell & Noble Manhattan Certification, Bucharest, February
  • Business Days, Bucharest, December
  • Innovation Forum, Bucharest, October
  • JCI Romania 10 years, Bucharest, September
  • Antreprenor 2.0 [Entrepreneur 2.0], Craiova, May
  • Faculty of Physics, Craiova, April
B. Trainings and MasterMind "Inspiration":
  • October - December "Ateliere de seara pentru antreprenori" by Romanian Business Leaders Bucharest, Craiova branch Craiova, 3rd edition
  • October 2016 : Social Innovators Programme (SIP), in Erasmus +programme , Bucharest
  • October - November 2016 : Second edition of Upgrader Academy
  • May 2016 – May 2017, Mentoria by Romanian Business Leaders
  • "Ateliere de seara pentru antreprenori" by Romanian Business Leaders Bucharest, Craiova branch Craiova, 2nd edition, April
  • March-April 2016, "Dream Big" by ASER (Association of Economics Students in Romania)
  • November 2015: MasterMind "Inspiration", Craiova
  • August 2015: Leadership training, Azalis Gaz, Craiova
  • August 2015: Motivational training, Azalis Gaz, Craiova
  • August 2015: RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) international camp, Craiova
  • May 2015: MasterMind “Inspiration”, Craiova
  • April 2015: Oratory competition, Rotaract Craiova
  • October 2014: Motivational training for Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Bucharest
  • August 2014: RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) international leadership camp, Calafat
  • July 2014: Motivational training II for the promotion and sales team of the Romanian-Austrian company Synco Deal Pharmaceuticals, Bucharest
  • March 2014: Motivational training I for the promotion and sales team of the Romanian-Austrian company Synco Deal Pharmaceuticals, Bucharest
  • March 2014: JCI Bucharest Monthly Training, Bucharest: “Creez.Gestionez.Profit !” [I create. I manage. I benefit!]
  • December 2013 – January 2014: Community Management Programme (funded by Heineken Romania), Craiova / Personal branding training
  • December 2013 – January 2014: Community Management Programme (funded by Heineken Romania), Craiova / Corporate management training
  • ...
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